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Biker Kick starts new Wheels-Near-U idea!

Posted in Ceredigion,Website Updates by Wheels Near U Team on the August 9th, 2007

Wheels-Near-U: Dais 1950 Matchless MotorbikeCollector Dai Thomas of Roy Thomas and SonWindows ltd put a car up for sale on the Wheels-Near-U web site to make room for other projects and finds he could earn a few quid from his collection through filming.


Once the wheels-near-U advert Photographer got passed past the work vehicles (tidy Vans!) to photo this tax exempt 1972 MG B GT ready for sale on our web site he was amazed to find out that Dai is an avid collector of all things on wheels. This got them talking and snapping away ten to the dozen, is this the tip of the ice burg of interesting wheels to be found in garages and barns across Ceredigion?


One of our ideas at Wheels-Near-U is to put together a photo gallery of classic and interesting motors for our readers, but also then to act as a base to agencies around the world whose job it is to find and hire Vehicles of all types for films, TV, music Videos and special events. Classic Cars, Classic Bikes and more!!!


Our computer systems will send a reminder email to these agencies every time a new Ceredigion collector ads to the gallery. Any enquiries for film work etc. will be passed on to the collector and all we ask is that we can cover the story!


A few quid towards up keep would be great says Dai but earning money from his collection is not what its all about, Dai has saved, restored and maintained many classic and high performance motors over the years and thinks that it would be a new buzz to see the fruits of his labour on screen and shared with the public.Dai's MG B GT - Another Classic Car For Sale on Wheels-Near-U


Dai says road bikes are his favourite particularly his 2006 Triumph 1050cc, Sports tourer, though he is thinking of changing this for a Triumph Daytona 675 Sports.


So what’s the most fun? That’s hard to define, caravanning with the family and exhibiting at a steam rally are great, as are the ride’s on the modern high performance bikes that Dai and his mates often take off on! this probably gives the most hours of motoring pleasure. When the winter comes, then there is always a rewarding project to get on with in the purpose built garage workshop or a blat on the scrambler. What a lot a wheels! Let’s hope he never grows up!

If you have any items you would like to share with other enthusiasts or publicise for film use etc. then please do not hesitate to email your photos and details or contact Wheels-near-U ..Any time!



Dai’s wheels… (click here to continue reading)

Mini Van, 1968 tax exempt usable classic

  • 1380 cc (bored out 1275cc stage 2engine).
  • Straight cut gearbox.
  • Modified suspension.
  • This motors fast and sticks to the road like supper glue!
  • Dai intends to sign write it with the Roy Thomas logo. We are sure that it will grab attention.

MG BGT, 1972 Tax exempt usable classic – For Sale on Wheels-Near-U

  • 1800cc.
  • Twin carbs.
  • Stainless steel exhaust.
  • Overdrive.
  • Classic insurance.
  • Loads of history.

MG Convertible, 1975

  • 1800cc
  • Being kept as an investment.

1972 Norton 750 sportster Tax exempt

  • Go’s like stink!

1950 Matchless

  • Ongoing project.

1982 Suzuki 650 GT

  • Shaft driven.
  • Sometimes takes out in the winter.
  • Also Has 1985 version breaking for spares

1978 Honda 400/4 Sport

2006 Triumph Sprint 1050 sports tourer (ABS model)

  • Heated Grips.
  • Side panniers.
  • Full history.
  • For Sale on Wheels-Near-U for £6500

Montesa trials bike 250cc

  • Belongs to Dai’s son Steve
  • Good fun good wheelies!

Mini shell. Remnants of scrapper used for parts on the mini van

  • To be done up by local kids for jalopy racing.

1933 Pioneer 2 ½ ton ex council road roller

  • Still go’s well, used to keep the field flat!

4” Burrell traction engine

  • ¼ size working model.
  • Original engine designed in the 1800’s
  • Can pull 3 tons on the tarmac!
  • Showing at the 2007 Dorset show.

To view Dais Whole collection click the following to go to the gallery (or click on one of the vehicle titles above)


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