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Motor Critic of the Week: Tom Ford

Posted in Motor Critic of the Week,Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the August 17th, 2007

Tom Ford: Motor Critic of the WeekOur Motor critic of the week this week is Tom Ford. He is a presenter to the show Fifth gear and the deputy editor of Top Gear Magazine.

He started out with a degree in Philosophy from Colchester University and has had careers as a performance artist, flame thrower and now a journalist. He owns a Modified Vauxhall Monaro, but this week his great motor critic quotes relate to the new (2007) BMW M3.

Well this is an engine that Ferrari would be proud of, except that Ferrari would never have managed to create an engine like this, because someone overdosing on industrial strength espresso would have gone out to buy a packet of cigarettes halfway through the build and forgotten to put the spark plugs in– In reference to the BMW M3’s 90 degree V8

This is an engine that is precision itself, tyrannical perfection. This is an engine that could only have come from Germany.” – Again in reference to the BMW M3’s 90 degree V8

There’s a double wet sump system that uses an industrial-grade oil pump to make sure that even when you’re trying to tear the tyres off, the engine wont starve of oil” – More on the BMW’s Engine

It has a vocal range that would leave Mariah Carey Popping an Eyeball” – On the M3’s sound

What is an open-handed slap of performance closes into a fist when you stab the ‘M’ Button” – The M Button

Tom Ford – Motor Critic of the Week – Keep up the good work Tom!

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