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Motor Critic of the Week: Chris Chilton

Posted in Motor Critic of the Week,Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the September 7th, 2007

Motor Critic of the Week Chris ChiltonOur motor critic of the week this week: Chris Chilton – a car enthusiast and ex Mechanic who has worked as a motor journalist for several years. Currently writing for CAR magazine, Chris offer’s a to the point soba view on the cars of today.

Here is some quotes from one of his latest articles where he test drove the Maserati GranTurismo.

Scything through turns, leather driving gloves rarely shifting from ten-to-two on the Nardi wheel, dispatching lines of asthmatic super minis without car or driver breaking a sweat.” – Maserati GranTurismo in Italy

“it steers accurately, if without being overly talkative, as we start climbing snow-ward and the perforated leather wheel is above as perfect as they come, superbly shaped, not too big or too fat and without a nonsensical flat bottom Maserati GranTurismo Steering

Its like saying the Landrover 110 and and M3 are the same length so they must be similar to drive-Factory Figures from Maserati

The GT’s three-card winning hand is the cachet of the Maserati’s name, styling that’s as distinctive as the BMW’s but less derivative than the Jag’s and a package that’s rarer than either can afford – Maserati Gran Turismo

Keep up the good work Chris.

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