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Wheels of the World: Mountain Biking

Posted in Wheels of the World,Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the September 16th, 2007

For our next instalment of Wheels of the world we turn our attention to Mountain Biking. Far from the standard push bike or road bike, mountain bikes and trials bikes are a completely different breed of bike.

FreeRide is a form of mountain biking that entails riding off huge cliff faces and other protruding objects, followed by a descent down a steep surface. This video highlights some of the more extreme Freeriders of the world as they seemingly defy gravity and ride off to tell the tale! – Free Ride Mountain Bike Jumps – Includes a double backflip on a mountain bike, canyon jumping and more!

Downhill Mountain Biking – This video shows a downhill mountain biking track done at speed by a professional rider

That’s it for this Mountain Biking instalment of Wheels of the World

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