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Wheels of the World: Tractors

Posted in Wheels of the World,Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the September 23rd, 2007

Next in our series of vehicle videos from around the globe we look at the tractor – usually seen working the fields or towing things it is the work vehicle for the countryside. But this weeks Videos show some alternatives to your stock tractors, with tuned, solar panelled and film starring machines!


First up is a video of a frankly mad tuned tractor, entitled only ‘GSI Engine in a tractor’ – Not the sort of tractor you see everyday, this tractor drives down a track at speeds you would expect from a racing car! – Believed to be German.


Next up a Solar Power Converted tractor that makes the news in America – This 1954 Farmall tractor was converted to run off huge solar panels fixed where the roof would usually be, then using a power take-off to run the motor. The tractor remains original but uses absolutely no fuel. This news story describes how this eco-friendly tractor was built and the story behind it and its creator!


Finally this week we turn our attention to cinema – This video shows a novel use of the tractor – as a combat tool! The star of this film uses the tractor too disable a group of men riding tractors in order to escape..

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