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Motor Racing Legends: Stirling Moss

Posted in Motor Racing Legends by Wheels Near U Team on the October 5th, 2007

In this new series we will replace our weekly news item – Motor Critic of the Week with a new series – Racing Legends. We will look at a huge cross section of Racing drivers from races across the globe and throughout time. We will start up the series with British Racing Legend Stirling Moss. We will also be adding photographs of each of our Racing legends to our gallery so click here to check out our selection of Stirling Moss Classic Images.

Stirling Moss - Motor Racing Legend

Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss OBE (Stirling Moss) was born in London on September 17th 1929. He is a racing legend and had a huge amount of racing success across a variety of motor racing categories. He is often known as “The greatest driver never to win The World Championship.”.

Stirling first raced in 1948 and continued to do so professionally until 1962 – he won 194 out of 497 races he took part in. Of these 16 of the wins were Formula One Grand Prix wins. In a conversation with a reporter he is said to have explained his career as ‘525 races overall, as many as 62 in a single year, in 84 different cars‘. This is an astounding number of races, cars and they did cover several racing categories. Occasionally he would take part in different racing categories in the same day!!!

Stirling Moss was a British pioneer in the Formula One racing scene and has one a phenomenal amount of trophies, awards and races in his lifetime. The following is just an excerpt of these.

Stirling Moss Racing Mille Miglia 1955

  • 1955 – 1958 – placed second four years in a row in the Drivers Championship
  • 1955 – Stirlings First Formula one win at Aintree in the British Grand Prix
  • 1955 – Famous drive at Mille Miglia he won in 10 hours and 8 minutes
  • 1957 – Stirling one the longest circuit to hold a Grand Prix (Pescara Circuit – 25km!)
  • 1958 – 1960 – Stirling won the 1000km race at the Nürburgring, Germany 3 Years in a row
  • 1990 – Inducted to the International Motor sports Hall of Fame
  • 2005 – Segrave Trophy
  • 2006 – FIA gold medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to motor sport

Stirling Moss has driven an astound number of cars and raced for the following during his career:

  • Maserati
  • Vanwall
  • Cooper
  • Lotus
  • Mercedes-Benz

Stirling Moss is this weeks Motor Racing Legend! for more information and some great racing photos of Stirling Moss visit our Gallery.

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