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Wheels-Near-U in a county near YOU!

Today we have further launched Wheels-Near-U, providing a customised experience for every county in the UK. Holding true to start up concept we intend to keep Wheels-Near-U Locally focused, in order to do this we have effectively split the whole website into a site for each county.

Every county in the UK now has a Wheels-Near-U! So whether you live in Ceredigion (West Wales) or Cornwall (England), you can now use a locally focused Wheels-Near-U.


As a start up offer we are giving away free vehicle listings in all counties for a limited period! so if you have a car, van, bike, tractor, trailer – or anything else on wheels you want to sell then Click here to register, and sell your used and new Vehicles on Wheels-Near-U!

If you have local news we want to hear it! – should you have any local news, a story of interest or anything that could be considered local editorial then send it in – you might just make front page in your counties news feed!!! Click here to contact us!

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