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Wheels of The World: Car Adverts 2

Posted in Wheels of the World by Wheels Near U Team on the February 1st, 2008

For this week we are revisiting our series Wheels of the World, taking another look at some of the different car television advertisements to grace our screens. You can view all of these car advert videos and more in our Car Ad Video Collection 2.

First up a car ad from Audi for thier A6 model, named “illusions” this advert plays on all the common visual illusions – see if you can spot them all!

Next up we have a BMW advert for a previous M5 model that never made it to television, we don’t know why!

A different stance on the car, this tv ad by greenpeace is a rather harsh look at their opinion of some car owners.

Finally here’s Jeep’s take on snow white, perhaps a reason to keep the sunroof closed, a great car tv ad nether-the-less!

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