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WOTW: Motorbikes and Mountain Bikes 2

Posted in Wheels of the World by Wheels Near U Team on the February 8th, 2008

In this weeks Wheels-Of-The-World (WOTW) we are taking two wheels on and looking at some of the current most popular motorbike videos and mountain bike videos. From fast downhill mountain biking videos to death defying motorbike stunts.

First up heres a video of a stunt many of you may have seen before, the basic context is a large steel ball which allows a motorbike rider to defy gravity, riding fast enough to keep them on the bike even when upside down. However this stunt contains not 1 motorcyclist stunt man, but 5!

Next up we take to the muddy slopes with a mountain biking video, this one shows some great downhill mountain biking, as recorded by a camera on zip line! Watch out for the dog that enjoys chasing the mountainbikes!

Finally heres another mountainbiking video that shows a vast variety of stunts performed by professional mountain bikers!

Thats not it! if you want to see more great biking videos check out our new video collection: Motorbike and Mountain Bike Videos Series 2, where we take 8 of the best current videos covering two wheeled riding.

Otherwise our motoring video collection is a great place to spend some time, with several collections showcasing our pics of the internets best motoring videos!

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