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WOTW: Motoring Digest 1

Posted in Wheels of the World by Wheels Near U Team on the February 15th, 2008

Based on our current motoring movies series and our Wheels-of-the-World (WOTW) series, this week we mark the beginning of a new collection of motoring videos. Motoring Digest is intended to take the world of motoring, cars and related news its entirety, reducing down the results to show you just the best car videos out there.

First up we have the Disappearing Car Door – excellent in principle but what BMW tried with the Z1 didn’t really work:

Next we go a little acme with a cartoon showing “the future of cars”, a rather comical take on the cars of tomorrow, from yesterday.

Finally we go across the pond to see a crazy American car, owned by the chat show host Jay Leno. This hot rod was built with a drive train you will never have seen. Running a 12 cylinder TANK engine this car is far from average.

Want more motoring videos? We have made a special Motoring Digest video collection in our Car video’s section where you can see more!

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