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Funny Motoring

Posted in Funny Motoring by Wheels Near U Team on the February 22nd, 2008

Motoring can be a fun endeavor, but as with all things that a lot of the world does through the millions of instances occasionally people get it wrong. Whether its parking slightly not where we intended or accidentally breaking too late and crashing into a house. From mad motors to tragic parking we have scoured the internet and brought back the funniest motoring photographs going.

Ferrari Tank

This Ferari Tank is great if you need to drive your supercar into a warzone (from Comical Cars)

People Packed

This is why taxi’s have a threshold for the number of people they can carry (from Comically Overpacked)

Naked Car decal

This naked car decal would make everyone look twice! (from Comedy Paint Jobs)

Funny Motoring Sign

Not often seen in the uk, the Beware of Camels sign is more suited to desserts! (from Funny Motoring Signs)

Random Car Comedy

This crazy invention shows a man acting as the body of a car, probably designed for a higher fuel efficiency but without a roll cage it seems a little dangerous! (from Random Motoring Comedy)

Truck In Tree

And last but by no means least the truck that managed to park in a tree – but check out our comedy parking photo’s section – there are some hilarious ways to park your cars! (from Comedy Parking Photo’s)

It will never cease to amaze how people manage to drive themselves into these predicaments, and the crazy ideas people have to modify thier Lamborghini to look like a tank or paint their VW Beetle with a brickwork design. But in the end these eccentric motoring photo’s are great to look at!

Funny Motoring Images

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  1. on June 16th, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    very funny. this really made my day. thanks for sharing.