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Funny Motoring Movies

Posted in Funny Motoring by Wheels Near U Team on the February 29th, 2008

Last week we showed you some of the most classically comedic car photographs ever taken, with tank based Lamborghini and funny parking photos. As part of this collection of comical car capers we also put together some quick slideshow videos of the funny car images. So if you haven’t checked out the funny motoring gallery yet take a look at our videos:

Parking Gone Wrong

Some of the most catastrophic car parking ever, from a van parked in a wall to a police car in concrete! The world is apparently littered with people that haven’t yet learnt to park!

Mad Motors

Some people enjoy modifying there car, perhaps adding a spoiler, some alloy wheels and such. Others enjoy complete redesign of cars, making them into something completely different. Heres our slideshow of crazy one of cars!

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