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Wheels Near U: Motoring Tshirts

Posted in Wheels-Near-U Shop by Wheels Near U Team on the March 21st, 2008

If you haven’t already seen the Wheels-Near-U Online Shop then you should take a look! – We have been adding new products over the past few months, we now sell a number of different remote control cars ranging from toy electric remote controlled cars all the way up to petrol ones.

As well as radio controlled cars you can also find pit bikes – great little motorbikes – ideal for practising and playing on – available in 110cc and 125cc variants and starting from just £329.99!!

But our latest addition to our shop has been high quality motor orientated T shirts. We have split our newly designed t-shirts into several “series” of shirt – including Rally Tshirts, Classic Car Tshirts and Biking Tshirts (Mud Series).

Old School Rally

Oldschool Rally Tshirt (Rally Series)

Rally Tshirt

Rally Jump (Rally Series)

Classic Car Tshirt

Triampfunt (Classic Car Series)

Classic Tshirt

Classic (Classic Car Series )

Moto X T Shirts

Moto (Mud Series)

Jump Tshirt

Jump Mountain Bike Tshirt (Mud Series)

 All of our tshirts are produced using the newest techniques to make them long lasting and vivid. They are not to be confused with inferior transfer t shirts and are all absolutely unique to Wheels-Near-U.

Go to the Wheels Near U Shop now and  get your own original Tshirt (Tshirts from just £9.99!!!!)

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