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Classic Car T Shirt of the Week

Posted in Wheels-Near-U Shop by Wheels Near U Team on the May 6th, 2008

This weeks Car T-Shirt of the week is the iconic VW emblazened with the slogan “Iconic”. Available in all the usual sizes this t-shirt is ideal for any car enthusiast and even comes in three different design choices.

Classic Car T shirt

Part of or Classic Car’s series of t-shirts we have created three different artistic impressions of the classic VW Beetle.  You can choose which of the following designs you would prefer on your t-shirt:Iconic T Shirt

Iconic T Shirt 2

Iconic T Shirt 3

There are a whole collection of Classic Car T shirts available in the Wheels-Near-U Shop – including the last classic car t-shirt of the week – the Triumphant.

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