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Team Zebra Earn their stripes for Charity

Posted in Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the May 9th, 2008

Coming up in July local driving duo Jacob Davies and Jason (Jay) Cook (both from Ceredigion) are set to travel to the South of Africa for an adventure and to raise some money for charity. Self-Named Team Zebra set about fundraising and making plans in the latter part of last year, with the ambition to complete the “Adventurists Africa Rally” which starts in London and aims for Cameroon, South Africa.

Rules? In this rally there is only a few- first up each car entered in the rally must be of a capacity of 1000cc or less – no big sand buggies or off-roaders here! Secondly each team entering this rally must raise at least £1000 for charity – Team Zebra are choosing to raise this money for “Send a Cow” – a charity specialising in providing real, sustainable help to the people of Africa. They are still fund raising and you can show
your support by sponsoring them (and perhaps helping them send several cows!) at

Team Zebra + Car

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Apart from these simple basics there is really very little guidance for Team Zebra on this adventure – part of the ideals behind ‘The Adventurists‘ is to provide as little support, guidance and absolutely no backup in order to make the experience as real and adventurous as possible.

Once they agreed they wanted to do this rally Jacob and Jay set about coming up with a name, opting for a suitably African themed one they became Team Zebra and began the hunt for the ideal Zebra-Mobile – something slick, fast and capable of dealing with all manner of terrain, protecting them from wild animals and dealing with the worlds harshest conditions, then they remembered the 1 litre restriction and threw that out of the window, opting for a reassuringly low mileage A Reg 997cc Ford Fiesta. While this old Ford Fiesta may not sound like the best Sub-Saharan rally car it has only travelled 25,000 miles so far and was a snap at £250.

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“a kind of boot meets bed that allows the lads to sleep in the car without too much worrying about wild animals”

Since they picked up their blue Ford Fiesta they have spent a lot of time kitting it out, preparing it for the adventure to come this summer. They started by designing a back compartment that is fit for sleep and supplies – a kind of boot meets bed that allows the lads to sleep in the car without too much worrying about wild animals.

Next up they set about acquiring a few extras they needed to improve the old Fiesta. First up a roof-rack – a necessity if they are to fit everything for their journey they need onto/into the car. Their first purchase of a £1 roof-rack from eBay was never going to cut it and they soon tracked down a much more substantial roof-rack. A little angle-grinding and modification and the Team Zebra car has a ideal, custom fitted roof-rack!

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With that sorted they set about getting some sounds for their journey – Jacob used his wiring and electrical know-how to set them up a fine sound system which should more than fit the bill! Some kind local donations of a CB Radio, Aerial and a battery along with some excellent spot lamps further kitted out the Zebra-mobile.

Safe in the knowledge that most of their intended modifications are now complete Jacob and Jay decided the paintwork of the A Reg Fiesta could do with a bit of livening up before the cars big trip. They decided that their best bet was to paint the car – something fitting.

See more in the Team Zebra 08 Gallery

As you can see they decided to stick with the heard and painted the car with black and white zebra stripes – now team zebra will definitely fit in on the plains of Africa.

Off on the 19th of July Team Zebra are nearly all set leaving from London’s Hyde Park their first stop will be the Adventurists African Rally European party in Prague, Czech Republic on the following day.

Wheels-Near-U has sponsored Team Zebra and wish them the best of luck and a safe journey through europe and Aftica!

Want to show your support for Team Zebra as they conquer the Sahara? – Please Sponsor them now at

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