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New Fast Electric RC Cars go 40mph+

Posted in Website Updates,Wheels-Near-U Shop by Wheels Near U Team on the May 30th, 2008

We have just added several new radio control cars to our online shop – filling the top end of the electric RC scale. Capable of speeds in excess of 40 mph, using special brushless motor’s and heavily uprated parts, coupled with aluminium chassis’s these cars really fly! But the best bit is because they are electric, you can just plug them in and charge them up again! – no fuel mix’s, ordering or going to the petrol station here!

The cars come in two models, the Firewolf (above) which features truck / buggy crossbred looks (nicknamed a truggy) and larger wheels, the Pioneer is the buggy version of the car (below) and features a leaner design.

Costing £119.99 these cars are not the cheapest out there, but for an electric rechargeable car that goes over 40mph we think thats pretty good! Without going to a petrol car of at least a few hundred pounds or a nitro car that requires special fuel, you wont find a faster remote control car for that money!

To view these electric remote control cars and other motoring gifts and items, click here to visit the Wheels-Near-U Shop!

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