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Top Gear – Japan GTR Their Best Film Ever?

Posted in Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the July 19th, 2008

Last Sunday night Jeremy Clarkson took on his two fellow presenters in the phenomenal new Nissan GT-R. The race in true top gear style covered the width of Japan, the GT-R’s birthplace – pitting the latest skyline-bred Nissan against the infamous Japanese Bullet Train.

The new GT-R is said to have a cruising speed of 186 mph and is capable of a lot more – although perhaps not pushed to this limit Jeremy Clarkson did manage to clock up Bill Oddie’s speeding tickets using a clever mask.

According to Jeremy Clarkson this was ” the best film we’ve ever made” and we just happen to agree – the fantastic scenery of the Japanese mountains, tunnels and Tokyo’s racing roads almost distracts you from the purebred GT-R, but only momentarily until you see it from another beautiful angle.

Apparently people are complaining that the race’s are fixed on top gear, but we couldn’t care less because its cracking television! If you havent yet watched this epic battle of modern public transport against the snarling GT-R then catch it while you can on the BBC iPlayer (Click here to watch Top Gear Series 11 Episode 4)

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