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Parking Gone Wrong?

Posted in Motoring Video Collections,Wheels of the World by Wheels Near U Team on the November 1st, 2009

We posted this video on youtube a while back – featuring a lot of examples of what happens when parking goes wrong!

And its now been watched over 50 thousand times! Its often amazing how wrong parking can go, but this video highlights the worst of the worst!!

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Formula 1 Video Highlights

Posted in Motoring Video Collections by Wheels Near U Team on the May 2nd, 2008

As the world seems to go crazy for the latest Season of Formula one racing, Wheels-Near-U gets in on the action! – we have hand picked some of the latest and greatest F1 clips – some as recent as
the Catalunya Qualifying Press Conference and some which are just collections of 2008 Formula 1 crashes! From Heidfeld in an F1 BMW managing to crash while drifting and doing “Donuts” for a crowd of BMW employee’s to the classic Renault F1 car playing God save the queen with its throttle!

To view some of our other motoring movie collections simply go to our Motoring Movies section or catch them on the Wheels-Near-U Blog!

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Motorbike and Biking Videos III

Posted in Motoring Video Collections,Wheels of the World by Wheels Near U Team on the April 25th, 2008

This week we take a look at the latest in our Motorbike and Biking videos series – this third collection of biker videos shows you the wonders of the Giant Guitar shaped Bike, A crazy two forked pushbike that is more than a challenge to ride, some phenomenal downhill mountain biking and stunt riding, Pit Bike razing and a lot – lot more!

View the Motorbike and Biking Video Collection 3 in a full video player

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