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Auctioned Cars now for sale in most counties!

Posted in Website Updates,Wheels-Near-U-UK by Wheels Near U Team on the November 1st, 2009

We have just rolled out a new feature to Wheels – Near – U, as well as viewing cars for sale locally from Wheels Near U itself you will also now see other car auction’s listings on Wheels Near U, so wherever you are in the uk go and check out your cars for sale section and see what bargain cars you can pick up!

For example: Cars For Sale in Hertfordshire, Cars for sale in Ceredigion or even Cars for sale in FIFE!

For more information on cars you can click “more info” underneath them, so go on – go and grab a bargain new or used car locally with wheels-near-u!

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New Fast Electric RC Cars go 40mph+

Posted in Website Updates,Wheels-Near-U Shop by Wheels Near U Team on the May 30th, 2008

We have just added several new radio control cars to our online shop – filling the top end of the electric RC scale. Capable of speeds in excess of 40 mph, using special brushless motor’s and heavily uprated parts, coupled with aluminium chassis’s these cars really fly! But the best bit is because they are electric, you can just plug them in and charge them up again! – no fuel mix’s, ordering or going to the petrol station here!

The cars come in two models, the Firewolf (above) which features truck / buggy crossbred looks (nicknamed a truggy) and larger wheels, the Pioneer is the buggy version of the car (below) and features a leaner design.

Costing £119.99 these cars are not the cheapest out there, but for an electric rechargeable car that goes over 40mph we think thats pretty good! Without going to a petrol car of at least a few hundred pounds or a nitro car that requires special fuel, you wont find a faster remote control car for that money!

To view these electric remote control cars and other motoring gifts and items, click here to visit the Wheels-Near-U Shop!

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Wheels Near U: Update

Posted in Website Updates by Wheels Near U Team on the March 28th, 2008

We would like to announce a few updates to the Wheels-Near-U website, including some future plans and a few newly implemented features.

PaypalWe now accept paypal as payment for items brought from our motoring shop (as well as all major credit and debit cards, cheques and postal orders.) This should make buying from the Wheels-Near-U shop even easier!

Local Motoring Directory
With the help of users from all over the country we are improving our directory day by day, if you think there’s a service or company missing from your local wheels-related directory you can let us know by contacting us or by simply finding the category you think they should be in and clicking “add to”. Filing out that form will let us know about the service!

Trade Tweaks
Trade ImprovementsWe are constantly making effort to simplify and enhance Wheels-Near-U for both customers and trade users, within the last few weeks we have improved the trade homepage and re-worked the addition process.

Shop gets Tshirts
TshirtWe have began producing a series of motor related attire, ideal as a gift for anyone who likes cars or bikes. Available in all sizes, with varied and choose-able text, we have split our t-shirt designs into 3 series, Rally T shirts, Classic Car T shirts and Mud T shirts (Motorcross and Mountainbike.)

Future Developments

Technology Improvement
JavaWheels-Near-U is always looking for ways to make adding vehicle adverts and using our site easier, one of the common feedback points from our valued users of this site has been image uploading can take some time. We do acknowledge this as not-ideal and we are working to improve this drastically. At current the system for image upload and manipulation does work, you may just have to give it a little time at times when lots of people may be using the system – It should always get there in the end. The new system is largely completed and should make image uploading up to 1000% faster as well as more usable with upload progress meters and drag and drop functionality.


Trade Statistics

In the coming months we will also announce our new statistics engine which will let you see the number of views of your ad as at any point, with high quality back end statistics provided for trade users.

Local News – Wheels Near U Magazine
Work on the Wheels-Near-U localise magazine is continuing, with a test run expected this month on a small local scale. As well as this our localised system lets us show any specific county local news stories, so if you are a keen amateur photographer, writer or journalist please send us your stories, local or national and we will provide website and potentially magazine publication. You can email all stories to magazine [at] wheels-near-u.co.uk (replace the [at] with @) or give us a call to discuss on 01545 580 004. As well as full credit for your work we will also provide you with a free Tshirt!!

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