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Latest Craze hits two wheels: Fixed Gear Bikes

You might call it a modern craze but fixed-gear biking stems back to the inception of bikes, effectively removing all the modern innovations of gear systems and freewheeling. By removing not strictly needed parts these bikes become lightweight which is said to give you more control over the riding. Couriers cycling in big cities have long used them to get from a to b but now the youth has taken them into a movement almost mimicking that of the modified car 5-10 years ago, stripping them down, rebuilding them with modified or new parts, painting them fantastic colours and styling them how they want.

Fixed Gear Biking

You can buy fixed gear bikes at your local bike shop (probably) but they might call them single-speed’s or track bikes. You will likely have seen them on the olympics but if you watch the above video you will see they are used far from this original intended arena. Swamping the worlds cities – fixed gear biking is set to be the next big 2 wheeled phenominon. Watch out for them in a city near you, they tend to skid in an almost downhill slalom way instead of breaking (as if you stop pedalling that is effectively breaking with the rear wheel!