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Cheap First Scooter

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Looking for your first motorbike? just got your liscence back? now is a great time to purchase a scooter - whether you are looking for a used scooter for next to nothing or a brand new scooter at a discounted rate - theres a good few ways of getting a scooter!

There are some excellent firms that sell new scooters at unbelievable prices, ideal for first time riders and people looking to get round on a budget - some brand new scooters start at £600 and have all the usual scooter features.


There are a number of different scooter manufacturers around, and with each you get a slightly different scooter. Scooters usually come in engines sizes ranging from a small 50cc up to 125cc scooters from there you move towards more motorbike like vehicles. As well as a variety of engines you can also choose from a variety of styles of scooter.

Some of the more popular scooter styles include the sports scooter which looks somewhat like a superbike, the ninja scooter which is what most people currently picture as a normal scooter, Retro styled scooters including scooters similar to that seen in film such as Quadraphenia based on the stylings of the 60s.

Once you have chosen on your desired scooter models you can then shop around to get the best deals, some scooter companies throw in free extras like top boxes, motorbike jackets, helmets and such like, but as usually scooters are your first vehicle you may be more concerned with the price.




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