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Distances Calculated on Wheels-Near-U

Distances on used cars, second hand cars, services etc in the UK calculated approximatly

The Distances shown on Wheels-Near-U are at current only approximate. Worked out by triangulating the position of your postcode (the user) and that of the used car, second hand van, directory service provider or such.

This works to some extent however is still very approximate. As Wheels-Near-U grows a large proportion of the turnover will go back into Wheels-Near-U allowing us to purchase the geocoded data that will eventually provide door to door correct distances for all our local users.

All of the services, cars, vans trucks etc found on the site however will be grouped into counties, and should you find something you do like the look of then clicking the appropriate 'Click here for map' will link you to a google map which IS highly accurate and will provide u with not only a distance but also a timescale for the travel.

Thank you for using your local Wheels-Near-U