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Frequently asked Questions

FAQ - Listings
   CarsWhat do I need in order to list my wheels?

1.  Vehicle Info:   To list your wheels you will need as much information about it as possible and preferably a few photographs (although they are not essential they help to sell a vehicle!)

2.  Login/Register:  From there you can then Login or if you don't yet have an account - Register. Registering for an account will only take a minute and will be your ticket to easily selling local vehicles.

3.  Add Wheels:  Once you have registered you can then click 'add wheels' at the top of the page to get started.

4.  On Screen Help:  There is on screen help throughout the process (just look for [?] - hover your mouse over it and there will be help displayed.)

Or..  Alternatively:  you can phone your listing through @ 01545 580004 or send it in with a cheque (for listing cost) to....Blaen Cwm, Talgarreg, Llandysul, Ceredigion, SA44 4XJ (For postal use only.)

   CarsWhats the Returns/Refund Policy?

As listings on our website are a virtual product, once you have paid for the listing your vehicle will be listed on this website, you are responsible for the listing you have entered and should check this prior to completing payment.

Returns are not strictly available as you are paying for a virtual product.

There is an 'add note' facility designed too allow you to inform buyers of additional information you wish to later include.

All information entry, including image upload is your responsibility and should there be an error in this we will not offer a refund.

Should there be an error on our part and your wheels cannot be viewed by the public, including if the website has suffered a severe fault we may refund you at our own discretion, we do however believe in Win-Win business transactions, and as so would always seek to reimburse should we believe it is correct.

To read more about our Win-Win business ethics please click here.

Please contact us at any point should you think a return/refund is due (click here for contact information) .


Listings carry no real world guarantee, they are an on-line 'virtual' listing and are guaranteed to be shown on-line on this website, should this guarantee not be upheld we will offer a refund as shown in the refund part of this FAQ page.

   CarsProduct information - Online Delivery

When listing wheels on this site, the product you are paying for is on-line listing of said wheels. There is nothing to be delivered to you as part of this transaction.

Your wheels become instantly active on the site after successful payment processing and an invoice is emailed to the address supplied when you registered your account (or a new email address had you changed it.)

FAQ - Payment
   CarsWhat payment options do you have?

We accept all major credit cards, on-line and over the phone (01545 580 004).

We use HSBC ePayment car processing, offering you high street bank security.

We also except cheques and standing orders/direct debits set up for trade accounts.

FAQ - Login and Site use
FAQ - Searching for a Vehicle