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Holiday Car Rental

 Holiday Car Rental | Rent a Car Abroad

Going on holiday? anywhere nice? well then you will probably want to rent a car when you are away, save on taxi costs and get around yourself? But just as driving and renting cars abroad can be an excellent experience, it does have its pitfalls. Heres our guide on renting a car for your holiday:

Always go with a reputable company. You get what you pay for in the end, so although you may save a few euro on a cheaper rental of an older car from a smaller back road company you may not nescessarily save later. The larger companies usually offer fairly good value due to the economy of running a larger firm, so renting from a big firm is a more sure deal.

Check insurance and other details. Check and doublecheck when you recieve or sign any paperwork, a lack of paperwork is also a bad sign - you want to know you are insured when driving abroad as the chances of accidents are increased because of the change in situation, driving styles and road systems. Most rental firms should have a copy of anything you sign in english, if not ask for an interpretation from someone you trust.

Remember you are abroad and remember your in a hire car. It can be great fun driving abroad, but you always need to remember that you are in a different car to your one at home, so take time to adjust to the holiday rental car. Different weather conditions, road systems and road quirks all combine to further distance you from your normal driving so pay attention to the differences and drive carefully. Furthermore fellow drivers are likely to be acting differently than in england, certain rules may apply that don't at home or drivers may be less respectful of laws.

Overall driving a rental car abroad can enrich your holiday, making it easier to get around and see the sights you really want to see. Just remember to stick with what you know and drive safely and carefully!


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