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RSS Feeds Merseyside

RSS Feeds allow you to get the latest updates - strait to your inbox or other RSS Reader. Below are the different RSS feeds we operate for your county. Using RSS you can be informed when a vehicle type is added for any specific county in the UK!


Vehicle Feeds

Allowing you to get notified anytime a new vehicle is added to Wheels-Near-U.co.uk - Available for Every single county in the UK!
(to view other counties feeds click here to browse counties.)

  All Vehicles -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/all-for-sale.xml
  Cars -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/cars-for-sale.xml
  Vans and Trucks -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/vans-for-sale.xml
  Motorbikes and Bikes -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/bikes-for-sale.xml
  Plant and Trailers -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/plant-for-sale.xml
  Salvage & Breakers -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/salvage-for-sale.xml
  Caravans and Motorhomes -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/caravans-motorhomes-for-sale.xml
  Marketplace -  http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/merseyside/rss/marketplace-items-for-sale.xml
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