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Damaged Repairable Cars, Salvage & Breakers

Whether you are looking to buy a damaged repairable car to fix up and sell on, or perhaps you are looking for salvage with front end damage in order to fix your own damage repairable car - the internet is a great place to find it. In previous years we would have gone to a scrap yard, perhaps spending a day looking for a damaged clio or prestine wing mirror from an audi. But with technological developments we can now see what damaged repairable cars, vans and other vehicles our local breaker/car dismantler currently has.

Wheels-Near-U offers a 'Damaged Repairable' section (Breakers & Salvage.) Here people can advertise cars that are for sale due to accidents or because they have been abanndoned. You can view these damage repairable cars by clicking here. Otherwise we have written a short guide to the salvage categories to help you buy the right damage repairable car.

When a car is salvaged it is assigned a category dependant on the level of damage it has sustained. Some categories require a check before you can drive the car again, so its worth checking which category your damage repairable vehicle falls into. The breaker/car dismantler should assign the vehicle a salvage category.
Category C:

When classed as Category C a vehicle is technically damaged to the extent that the cost of repair exceeds its on the road value (before the accident.) Dependant on the extent of the damage Category C salvage vehicles are subject to a check (Vehicle Identity Check or VIC) before they can be returned to the road and driven legally. As a category C vehicle will require this check, when you buy one you will not recieve a V5 document. You will need to either get a VIC or fill out the appropriate forms to get a new V5 Document.

Category D :

Category D salvage is damaged to an extent that the cost of repair would not exceed its initial value (it is not written off and could be repaired for less than its original worth.)

Category E :

Category E represents a stolen recovered vehicle.

Category X:

Category X is effectively a vehicle which has been subject to an insurance claim, while withstanding minimal or nil damage or which could have been repaired in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

As it has been either fully repaired or minimally damaged the Code of Practice for the Disposal of Motor Vehicle Salvage does not apply.

    If you can think of any we have missed anything then please contact us and let us know!