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RSS Feeds - Getting News Directly

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds allow you to get new news items, updates etc directly into your inbox or into a special reader. Allowing you too see any new website updates from several websites without the need to re-visit each one.

This is the Wheels-Near-U guide to subscribing to RSS feeds, we currently have 2 RSS feeds on our website:

Wheels-Near-U News: http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/blog/feed/atom

Wheels-Near-U Gallery Feed: http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=rss.SimpleRender&g2_itemId=7

Guide to Subscribing to RSS
Using Microsoft outlook:
To subscribe to an RSS feed with Microsoft Outlook please follow the next few steps (They may vary slighly depending on your version.

1.Open Outlook and look for the following in your 'Mail Folders' Menu (where your inbox is) Look for RSS Feeds

2. Right click on RSS feeds and select 'Add a New RSS Feed...' Select 'Add a New RSS Feed..'

3.When the following window pops up enter the address of the feed into the box. For example here is what you would enter for the Wheels-Near-U News Blog Feed Enter the Address of the Feed

4. Outlook will check up the feed and tell you if you have got it right. At which point you will see a new folder under 'RSS Feeds' as shown here. From now on as soon as any new news features are added to the Wheels-Near-U site they will appear like emails in this folder (as shown.) Any New posts will appear similar to new emails