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Advice on Car Insurance Groups

When you are looking at buying a used or new car you should never neglect to check out the insurance, firstly because you will need it to test drive/drive away your car, but secondly because it can make alot of difference about its suitability to you. Cars with High insurance groups can be harder to sell, because in alot of cases they can raise your insurance premiums or make the combination of you as a driver and the car as un-insurable.

There are two numbered ratings for each car - the existing 0 to 20 system and the new 0 to 50. The higher the number the higher the premium.

You can find the grouping of any said car by using our online car insurance group finder (click here.) After you enter the car details and find the model you will see all the details about the vehicle, the last two columns on the right represent the two above groups.

Genrally young men are the most expensive group and under 21 year old men specifically can have problems getting insurance on cars over group 13 (unless alot of extra money is available for premiums.)

No Claims Bonus will also affect the premium you pay, as will paying it in installments.

The following gives examples of groupings and cars within those groupings:

Group Rating 0-20 Group Rating 0-50 Examples of Cars
1 3 Vauxhall CORSA EXPRESSION 12V (998cc)    /    Fiat CINQUECENTO SX
2 10 Ford Ka (1297cc)    /    Fiat CINQUECENTO SOLEIL
3 7 Peugeot 206 Zest (1124cc)    /    Kia Rio (1343cc)    /    Honda Jazz S (1339cc)
4 9 Fiat Punto Dynamic 8V (1242cc)    /    Vauxhall Corsa SXI 16v (1389cc)
5 11 Peugeot 206 S HDI    /    Toyota Starlet CD (1332cc)
6 13 Vauxhall ZAFIRA LIFE 16V (1598cc)    /    Kia Rio SE (1493cc)    /    Honda Civic SE VETEC
7 15 Ford Fiesta Ghia (1388cc)    /    Nissan ALMERA SE DI (2184cc)    /    Volkswagen BORA S (1984cc)
8 17 Ford Escort LX TDI (1753cc)    /    Nissan PRIMERA SVE DI (2184cc)
9 18/19 Toyota Corrola GS (1332cc)    /    Mini COOPER CONVERTIBLE
10 21 Subaru FORESTER X (125) (1994cc)    /    Land Rover Freelander E (1796cc)    /    Hyundai COUPE SE (1975cc)
11 21/23 Peugeot 307 XSI (138)    /    Nissan X-Trail SVE (2488cc)
12 25 Vauxhall Vectra SRI V6 CDTI (174)
13 31 Mercedes-Benz C 220 ELEGANCE SE CDI (143)    /    Suzuki GRAND VITARA XL-7 TD (1997cc)    /    Saab 9-3 CERULEAN T 1.8 CONVERTIBLE (1998cc)
14 27/28 Toyota LANDCRUISER COLORADO GXTD (2982cc)    /    Fiat Stilo GT 24v (2446cc)
15 30/42 Ford SCORPIO EXECUTIVE 24V AUTO (2936cc)    /    LandRover RANGE ROVER HSE V8 (4398cc)    /    Lexus RX 300 (2995cc)
16 32 Mercedes-Benz C 230K CLASSIC    /    Mitsubishi SHOGUN WARRIOR TD DID (3200cc)
17 33 Ford Probe 24v (2497cc)    /    Lexus GS 430 SE (4293cc)    /    Honda Civic Type R
18 44 Porsche Boxter (2687cc)    /    MINI COOPER S WORKS CONVERTIBLE
19 40 Toyota SUPRA RZ TWIN TURBO (2997cc)    /    Porsche Boxter S (3179cc)
20 40/50 Audi TT Quattro V6 Cabriolet    /    Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG    /    Ferrari F355 BERLINETTA (in fact ANY Ferrari!)    /    Subaru IMPREZA WRX 300 (1994cc)    /    Porsche GT2 (3600cc)
To find the insurance group of a specific car click here to view use our insurance group finder.
    If you can think of any we have missed anything then please contact us and let us know!