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Car abbreviations

When buying a car (used or new) there are often alot of abbreviations used that can be vexing if you are unsure what they mean. Below we explain the most common abbreviations used when advertising cars (used cars and new.)

Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
AC, Air con Air Conditioning A.B.S, ABS Anti-Lock Braking System
A.W, A/Wheels Alloy Wheels AFR Air to Fuel Ratio
C.C, C/Con Cruise Control C/C, C/Coded Colour Coded
Clim/Con Climate Control C/L, CL Central Locking
E/M. EM Electric Mirrors E/Seats, E/S Electric Seats
E/S/R, ES Electric Sunroof E/W, EW Electric Windows
ESP Electronic Stability Programme FFS/R Factory Fittes Sunroof
F.S.H, FSH Full Service History FDSH, F.D.SH Full Dealer Service History
GC Good Condition V.G.C Very Good Condition
HLWW, h/l/w/w Head Lamp Wash Wipers HS, H/S Heated Seats
Imob, I/M Engine Immobiliser L/HD, R/HD Left/Right hand drive
LPG Fuel Type: Liquified Petroleum Gas SWB, LWB Short/Long Wheel-Base
MPV Multi-Purpose Vehicle O.N.O Or Nearest Offer
O.V.N.O Or Very Nearest Offer P.A.S, PAS Power Assisted Steering
P/X, Part/Ex Part Exchange for another Vehicle R/Cas Radio Cassette Stereo
R/H/R Rear Head Restraints R/S/B Rear Seat Belts
R/W/W Rear Windscreen Wipers S/R Sun Roof
S.N, Satnav, SN Satellite-Navigation T.C, TC Traction Control
T/G, T/Glass Tinted Glass T+T, T&T Taxed and Tested
4WD, 4x4 Four Wheel Drive 4.W.S, 4WS Four Wheel Steering
    If you can think of any we have missed then please contact us and let us know!