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Data Protection Act

Information collected and used from this site (http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk) will be processed in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Our Site and Your information
  We store information from users that access this site as follows:
Cookies are kept to store your postcode, which is only used to display local relevant items on the site.
Upon registering all the details you enter in the form of registration are stored by us (including name, address and contact information), this includes vehicle details when listing.
We monitor site traffic, although anonymously, logging page hits without taking any private data. This allows us to better target specific aspects of the website as well as actively log statistics.
In the event of an error, this will be logged, along with the user who encountered its basic detail. Nothing which will compromise the user or Wheels-Near-U however is included. This is primarily for us to keep the site up and fully operational.
Email Address's: It should be noted that all email address's entered on this site will be kept completly securely, and never openly posted on the website. Other websites do this - but by posting your email address without encrypting it allows bots to add you too spam lists. This is why messages are all sent internally on Wheels-Near-U - Because nobody likes spam.
Data Security
We use 128SSL encryption (as used by banks) when transferring your personal data too our servers which are based in a secure london server location with "24/7 monitoring by Internet specialists, 150+ permanently recording video cameras, safety locks and more".
In regards to Card processing we use HSBC secure ePayments to process all of our credit/debit card transactions, they offer world class solutions and provide the excellent security associated with a high street bank


Wheels-Near-U use HSBC Secure ePayments.

Disputes and further information

Should you have any disputes or seek further information regarding our privacy policy please contact us at Wheels-Near-U, Blaen Cwm, Llandysul, Ceredigion, Wales, SA44 4XJ (or email )

At any point you have the right too see all data we have stored against you and you can retrieve this by emailing your request too (there may be an administrative charge of £15.)