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 Which Car are you

Find out what car you would be if you had four wheels
1. What gadgets do you / would you have in your car?
  GPS, Stereo, Phone Charger and more electronic gadgets  
  GPS, a quality stereo and 1 more electronic device  
  GPS (Global Positioning System)  
2. Which of the following best describes the food you eat
  I like organic food that doesn't involve any bad karma  
  I eat when I need too - usually whatever is around  
  I like sweet foods, strong coffee and flavoursome meals  
3. Which of the following sounds like a good use of a Saturday:
  Watching Sport/Going to an event  
  Reading a novel, eating good food and relaxing  
  Shopping - the bigger the town the better  
  Participating in a sporting event  
4. Which film would you prefer to watch from the following:
  Gone in 60 Seconds (Starring Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage)  
  Fast and the Furious (Starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel)  
  Pretty Woman (Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts)  
  Disney's Cars (Starring Owen Wilson and Paul Newman)  
5. Which of the following is Your favourite Colour?
6. Pick your favourite beverage from the following list
  Long Island Ice Tea  
  Glass of distinguished White wine  
  A Bottled Beer  
  Black Coffee  
7. Where do you shop for food?
  Marks and Spencers  
  Kwik Save  
8. Which of the following best describes you
  I am not a sport lover, typically I think its all a waste of time  
  Not that bothered about the competition  
  I like watching sport on tv or occasionally going to a match/event  
  Born Runner, love competing against other people to see who's the best  
9. How Daring are you?
  Ludicrously Daring  
  I am only scared occasionally  
  A little bit daring  
  Scaredy Cat  
10. Where Should the engine be in a car?
  In the Front...  
  In the Middle...  
  In the Back