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Van Hire

Renting a van in the uk is not difficult. There are thousands of companies which offer great vans on great rental terms with relative ease. As a rule we would usualy advise that local is the best way - you can find your local van hire companies in our directory for your county.

But to get the best savings, deals and service it can be good to shop around van hire firms to see which you get the best deal with. If you plan on renting a van for an extended period or are after a specific type of van for rental then using a national company can be a good idea.

With national providers you can rest assured you are backed up by a bigger network, in situations like dropping off a van, hired from one geographical location to another, by using a national van hire firm it means you may be able to leave the van at a more local drop off point than where you picked it up from.

Common considerations when hiring a van include the size of the van - LWB, SWB are commonly used to describe long and short wheel based vans - short wheel based vans are typically the smallest available, while LWB are a good idea if you have a lot of things to fit in. Back interior of the van is also key as if you intend to use the van for any messy work, you may be responsible for any effects to the van. This means checking the small print on your van rental contract before you sign - to know where you stand!

With all this in mind we bring you a selection of Van hire firms from the uk:


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