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 Video Collections

Welcome to the Wheels-Near-U Video Collections. Here you can watch videos relating to our wheels around the world series. You can browse our hand picked collections of videos on the most crazy cars, wild motorbikes and amazing mountain biking.

We have organised the collection into series - for every series of Wheels of the world we will provide 1 collection of each vehicle type - so please click below to view each collection (tip: from each vehicle video collection you can watch lots of different auto videos by clicking which one you want to watch!)

  • Motorbike and Bike Videos Series 1
    A collection of mountain biking, motorbike and speed cycling - featuring trials bike stunts, propeller powered cycling and motorbike tricks!
  • Motorbike and Mountainbike Videos Series 2
    Our Second look at the world of 2 wheeled videos. With moto x, downhill mountain biking, stunts, tricks, crashes and more biking action!
  • Motorbike and Bike Videos Series 3
    Our Third look at the two wheeled world of bike videos. This part of our series looks in depth at different down hill, helmet cam and mountain bike jumping with several differnet down hill videos. We also touch on some pit bike racing, a two forked bicycle, motorbike riding and the worlds tallest guitar shaped push bike.
  • Car Advertisement Videos Series 1
    A collection some of the best car advertisements to ever be seen on TV, from the innovative Honda car part ad to the Citreon C4 Dancing Car Robot!
  • Car Advertisement Videos Series 2
    The Second in our collections of car adverts aired on tv, with a mixture of funny, clever and strange car ad videos!
  • Car Advertisement Videos Series 3
    Third in our series taking a look at what the car companies bring to our television sets. Including a Toyota-brand Loch Nes Monster, the Singing Polo Dog, a Honda Power of Dreams advert, the latest Cadbury's advert and more!
  • Formula 1 Video Clips - 01/05/08
    A mixture of classic and new Formula 1 video clips including a BMW F1 Crash, a classic Renault rendition of God Save the queen and this years press confrences so far!
  • Motoring Movies - Car Chase and Car Film Clips Series 1
    Films and car chases go hand in hand, so in this series we have scoured the internet looking for some of the most infamous car chases, car trailers and car clips - from the gadget packed James Bond car to the modified Fast and the Furious rides.