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Wheels near U.co.uk - Aiming to be the best Wheels related website for the UK
Wheels-Near-U Local

The Wheels-Near-U team recognise that for people living in a rural area, transport of all types is very important, for both the social and financial well being of individuals and the community as a whole.

Wheels-Near-U Come into Existence..
Wheels-Near-U has come into existence through the frustration of buying, selling of cars, vans, bikes, plant and other vehicles as well as finding out all about public transport services. Primarily in Ceredigion where the site was started, this experience which has highlighted the need for a service like ours.
Wheels-Near-U Buy and Sell Used Cars within your Local Commuinity

We are now in business to provide the community with the best local wheels website in the UK. With easily accessible information, news and advertising for all transport users, private sellers, trade advertisers, farmers, collectors and a multitude of transport related services in the UK.

Wheels-Near-U Win Win Ethics
At Wheels-Near-U we all, passionately believe in the principle of  ”win win” this means we believe that a deal of any kind has to work well for all parties. Whether money is involved or not, you can be sure that if you are advertising a sale, listing a service for free, or using our directory to find a service, we and our systems will be working for your best interests.  
Wheels-Near-U Wheels
We believe this will also be in our and the community’s best interests. If it’s got wheels think, Wheels-Near-U.co.uk

Why use Wheels-Near-U? (Buyers and Sellers)


The wheels near U team are dedicated to providing the best value for money way to sell your vehicle. You can sell a car, van, tractor, lorry, trailer, bike, caravan, quad etc  for free (Private Sale) or if you are in the motor trade you can get an excellent motor trade website with Wheels-Near-U.


Need  a vehicle or parts in a hurry? A quick look through Wheels near U will ensure you are not needlessly having to travel to, lets say in some cases, Bristol and back only to find out that what you travelled to see was not up to your expectations.


You can advertise any wheels related service for free in our directory!


Saves you time and money and supports the local community with information,  all at the same time.


Get your item accessible to local public viewers instantly!


Whether you want to get your hands on a new set of Wheels or you are looking for the bus time tables, the next car boot sale, car auction, a taxi, the local garage  or want to know when the next rally will be happening wheels near U have it covered,  to get things rolling just  think Wheels near U.

Before Wheels-Near-U “The other options” 


Buy or advertise through one of the big motor trader’s mags and or websites. The problem here is that the vehicles you are looking for/target audience are all so far away! And if you are selling then the adverts cost you a small fortune and you will be advertising to a lot of people who don’t need to come as far as your county to find what they are looking for.


Sell through auction,  put a for sale sign up or just word of mouth. The problems here are that you will simply be less likely to get the attention of a sufficient amount of interested buyers to achieve a fair sale price.